Friday, October 10, 2014

Week 3: Kindness is Free


We lost a very important member of our family this week and have been living a gypsy-esque life on the road.  Fortunately, the possibility for random acts of kindness are always at hand, and so I present to you, Week 3...the time we handed out handmade bracelets and pictures to residents at an assisted living facility.

Our family woke up early in a tiny motel room Wednesday morning with some free time for the kids and me as my husband went to meet with family at church.  The kids and I got in the car and drove to the office supply store (thank you Google Maps) for paper, markers, crayons and tape.  We spent a couple of hours preparing homemade goodies to take to the assisted living facility on our visit with my husband's grandmother, their Great (with a capital G) Grandma, later in  the day.  When all was said and done, we had a pile of pictures drawn (don't you just love the underground bugs drawing?!) and a healthy pile of rubber-band bracelets thanks to the trusty and toteable Rainbow Loom

Later in the day, we found our feisty 96 year old Grandma in the dining hall playing Sheepshead with a gorgeous group of ladies.  After we said our hellos, we asked Grandma's friends if they'd like a bracelet or picture.  "How much are they?" they asked in unison.  "They're free! We made them to give to you," we replied.

A bracelet was offered to everyone we passed on our way to Grandma's apartment and each and every person inquired about the price.  I'd like to know (but really, I hope I don't know anyone) who is going to assisted living facilities and selling things to people living on a fixed income...

Grandma's friends were so very happy to receive these gifts (women love accessories, no matter the age) and the kids and I couldn't have been more pleased to be a part of bringing the beautiful smiles to their faces!  And Grandma is thrilled to have a few extra bracelets and pictures to give away to some of her special friends we were unable to meet that day. 

This may not have been the random act of kindness we had planned for the week, but it was a great reminder that kindness can be found any where and at any time.  And that it should always be given away for FREE!

"At the right time, a kind word from a stranger or encouragement from a friend, can make all the difference in the world.  Kindness is free, but it's priceless." - Doe Zantamata

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