Monday, December 22, 2014

Week 13: Free Candy Canes!

I took a trip to Phoenix, Arizona years ago to visit my cousin, Dana, just before Christmas.  We had a lovely time shopping and laughing and catching up, but one of the most memorable things we did was hand out candy canes to strangers.  Everywhere we went. 

We stopped at the gas station to fill up her car on our way home from the airport when I was introduced to her tradition.  She got out of the car with her Longaberber basket full of candy canes and proceeded to walk around the pumps, handing out goodies to everyone buying gas.  I watched each person light up at her small gesture and thought, "Oh, now this is FUN!" 

My children and I filled up our own Longaberger basket this year and have been handing out candy canes for the past few of weeks: in the post office, parking lots, gas stations, and to little kids holiday shopping with their parents.  ("Thank you, they were just saying they were hungry and I have two more store yet to go," one mom told me.)  I've even hung a few on door handles as treats for drivers when they return to their cars.

For each candy cane I've given out I've received a smile, thank you and "Merry Christmas!"  What a lovely way to spend the hectic weeks leading up to Christmas!

Next year will mark my cousin's 27th consecutive year of handing out candy canes...and my 2nd.  This tradition will most definitely continue!

"I wish we could put up some of the Christmas spirit in jars and open a jar of it every month." - Harlan Miller

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