Friday, May 8, 2015

Week 33: Servicing the City with Smiles

Our trash is picked up each Tuesday morning by the most amazing garbage man, or G-Man, as he's called to the residents of our town.  Not only does he manage the task of the entire city's garbage on his own, but he also saves live.  Seriously.  He once recognized a woman's wave as not her usual wave, and called 911.  Our town had a meeting at city hall to honor him. 

I'm not making this up...

And so, with our garbage collection on the horizon, I spent Monday night working on this week's Kindness Countdown activity: baking cookies for our G-Man and mail carrier. 

Not be out-shined by our G-Man, our mail carrier is also an amazing person.  I'm not exaggerating; she once gave my brother the 3rd degree when he answered our door while dog-sitting...she asked where I was, if my husband was home and if our children were inside.  She even followed up that evening and the following day.

Now that I'm writing all of this, I'm feeling like cookies weren't enough...I sure am glad I also included handwritten notes thanking them for all they do for us.  (:

"You could be the world's best garbage man, the world's best model; it doesn't matter what you do if you're the best." - Muhammad Ali

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