Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Week 38: Recycle for Sight

Summer is underway and life is hectic and full.  My children and I were out catching frogs this afternoon, discussing our plans for this week's Kindness Countdown activity when I realized that I hadn't written about last week's random act of kindness.  Oops!  I apologize for my tardiness...and without further adieu...

My friend Stacy has been supportive of the Kindness Countdown since week one, but this week she provided more than kind words.  When I mentioned I was going to be donating old glasses and contacts to a deserving charity to recycle, she put the word out to her friends and co-workers and they generously added to my collection.  My friend Nanette helped too.  What a blessing these supportive ladies more than just myself. 

After cleaning out my closet to locate my old glasses, collecting a handful from my friends, and throwing in some contacts that my aging-eyes no longer have use for, I donated the lot to the Lions Club's Recycle for Sight program.  

Why did I select the Lions Club?  I researched various donation programs in southeastern Wisconsin and found that a few of the other centers either weren't forthcoming with their practices or flatly admitted they didn't donate glasses to those in need. 

I can confidently recommend, after much research, that you donate to the Lions Club if you have glasses you no longer need.  Their Recycle for Sight program collects, cleans, and reconditions old glasses and then ships them to people in need all over the world. 

I wake up each morning to a blurry world and feel much more confident when I put my glasses on, when I feel I can fully participate in life and more easily interact with those around me.  I cannot imagine not having those glasses to reach for or my contacts to put on. 

It makes me smile to think of those who will be receiving this gift!  I hope they receive not only improved sight, but a renewed vision for life as well. 

To find a collection center near you, visit  

"Vision without action is merely a dream.  Action without vision just passes the time.  Vision with action can change the world."  - Joel A. Barker

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