Monday, October 14, 2019

Week 8: Merch Table With a Mission

My family and I attended a spoken word performance by Tanner Olson, AKA Written to Speak, on Friday night, where my son and I volunteered. 

I've been following the Written to Speak Facebook page for a couple of years now, finding Tanner's words inspiring, and often, just what I need to read or hear at the time. (Funny how that always seems to happen!)

I was quick to lend my family's services when I learned he was coming to town to perform his poems, tell a few stories, and join in some fellowship, I knew it would be an inspiring night, and I was right!

My son worked the PowerPoint slides for the two performances and I sold Tanner's merchandise before and after the show to the attendees (and my own family - my daughters LOVED the show and were so excited to get autographed poetry books and a t-shirt). 

Volunteering at the event was loads of fun as most of the people there had been, like me, following Tanner's journey to a full-time poet/performer for a handful of years, and were excited to see him live!

He has a great ability to balance humor and thoughtfulness pretty perfectly; one moment you're laughing out loud and the next you find yourself thinking "Huh, I never thought about it like that before."

His poetry inspires the reader/listener to recall childhood moments, reminds them to set new goals, of God's love, of hope and kindness. 

I can confidently say everyone left the event smiling and feeling lighter than they did walking in on the first freezing night of the season. And Tanner's bags of merch were a little lighter as well!

Here's a snippet of one of the poems you'll find if you check out the Written to Speak Facebook or Instagram pages or purchase his book (it's like I'm still working his table... ;) 

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