Sunday, October 20, 2019

Week 9: Kind Cards on Cars

I live in quaint, historic city of Cedarburg, Wisconsin. Our tiny town is known to be packed with tourists any given weekend, but yesterday and today, we've seen an unusually high number of visitors thanks to the Milwaukee Film Festival being in town at the Rivoli Theatre for the first time and what is being billed as the last warm weekend of the year.

Whatever the reason, our little walkable downtown has been crowded...and a wee bit stressful to maneuver. I thought I'd do what I could to make it cheerier.

Yesterday, my kids and I took to the streets, armed with cards carrying messages of kindness, love, and compassion.

The various cards read:

* You are enough
* You don't have to do it all
* Love what matters
* You are so full of love
* I believe in you
* You are perfect just the way you are

We walked through the city parking lots depositing cards on cars parked there. We tucked them into driver-side windows in the street. We "littered" the town in kindness.

And then we sat and watched.

It was amazing to watch people's faces transform when they returned to their cars and caught site of the cards on their vehicles. Their expressions quickly changed from one of annoyance to having a flyer to throw away to a smile in recognition of the love they had just received from a stranger.

While most of the cards were placed willy-nilly, without intentional paring for each car and card, I did place a few "You don't have to do it all" cards purposefully on cars with car-seats inside, "I believe in you" on vehicles that, like mine, had seen better days, and "You are enough" on cars that were obviously owned by women.

(Note: This all happened with a quick glance, I promise I was not creepily snooping inside the cars of stranger!)

I hope these cards brightened the days of their recipients.

I like to think of them tucked under car visors as a reminder, holding pages of a good book where they'll continue to make the reader feel strong, placed under a souvenir magnet where they'll be glanced at each time the fridge is opened for a midnight snack, or passed on to someone else who could use a smile.

Now go back and read the card messages for they apply to you too! <3

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