Sunday, February 9, 2020

Week 25: Paying for Penny Pony Rides

The kids and I have been fortunate to spend a lot of time in Western Michigan each summer these past 15 years.

We love their sandy beaches with crazy high dunes and the small towns that pepper the shore and the many ice cream shops in each of them. And we love that our kids only remember a life that includes Sandy the Penny Pony at Meijer stores (the stores only started popping up in Wisconsin a few years ago).

It's a genius idea to have a 1c mechanical ride at the check out, the finish line, of such a large store. It's nice to have something you can reward your kids with for their good behavior at the end of running errands...and it's practically.

Our local Meijer has a plastic cup located on Sandy that usually houses a handful of pennies; most of us shoppers drop our coppers in when we get them in our change. Who doesn't want to fund smiles on kids' faces?!

And so, when my kids and I had plans to go to a different part of town, where I knew there was a Meijer, we sorted through my piggy bank and pulled out all the pennies to leave at their Sandy.

While we drove to the store, my daughters asked if I was going to ride Sandy. I said no.

They said they really wanted me to. I said I didn't think that was a good idea.

They explained it wasn't our local store and no one we knew would be there. I said I knew they'd take a picture and then everyone I knew would see it anyway.

They laughed and begged and said it would make their day. I said maybe.

I snapped a picture of me holding the pot of pennies and put it down on Sandy when my oldest said, "I really think you should at least sit on her. It would be so much fun to see you up there!"

And because I work hard to reserve my "no" answers for when I really mean it, I found myself saying "OK."

And then my other daughter quickly stuck a penny in the pony, she played some loud music and started moving...and then we all (including everyone around us) started laughing.

And so I guess you could say I did two acts of kindness this week.

All y'all are welcome. Yeehaw!

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