Sunday, February 23, 2020

Week 27: Giving Blood, Saving Lives

If you're having a déjà vu moment seeing me post about donating blood, you are not incorrect; I wrote about my blood donation back in Week 10, but thought it was important enough for another reminder.

As I mentioned back in October, I donate blood every 8 week. I schedule my next appointment as I'm sitting with my donor pals, eating snacks and sipping juice, with the volunteer who comes round and adds our names to our usual time slots.

Note for local readers: I go to the Cedarburg Lion's Club blood drive and my time slot is always between 1:00-1:15, in case anyone wants to get in on the fun; I kill the Cedarburg trivia game so you're almost guaranteed a prize! ;)

As I told a friend this week, the Versiti workers who coordinate the intake and draw the blood are some amazing, friendly, and uplifting people, we always have a good time! I've become friends with a lot of them and look forward to checking in on each other's families and big life moments every other month!

Wherever you are, I'm sure there is a regular blood drive just waiting for you to build a community...a group who gives, where you laugh and share and eat yummy snacks together, where you will give your blood and therefore allow someone to see another birthday, overcome a serious injury, watch their child get married, help them battle cancer, and live for the joy of hearing their favorite song come on the radio, when they'll sing loud and proud and feel like anything is possible.

You can make that happen.

Be a hero. Schedule your blood donation today!

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