Monday, March 2, 2020

Week 28: Dollar Tree Scavenger Hunt

My favorite part of performing the Kindness Countdown activities is doing them alongside my kids...and this week was no exception!

We headed to our local Dollar Tree store armed with a stack of singles and a roll of painters tape, and set up our very own scavenger hunt!

I gave each kid a handful of pre-taped dollars and let them go wild. 

They hid dollars behind dog toys and under pet water dishes.

They thought of home repair projects (because our 1880s home has a continuous cycle of them) and taped some near the construction items. - Can we take a minute to acknowledge how amazing it is that you can get a handsaw for $1?!

The kids thought of their little cousin and taped a dollar near the baby/toddler items.

And they excitedly looked at the new summer toy options and left a couple of dollars behind.

They left dollars sticking out of books, behind picture frames, and taped to packs of pencils. They placed one under a plate and another behind some Matchbox cars.

Oh, the fun we had! We were giddy walking out to the car, imagining the lucky recipients finding the bills hidden around the store, once again proving it is more fun to give than to receive!

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