Saturday, March 14, 2020

Week 30: KC Chicken Rescue

I've been a proud chicken mother for a few years now, my small flock provides my family with fresh eggs and loads of opportunities for learning experiences, increased responsibility for my kids, and lots of laughs (chickens are goofy animals that are super entertaining to watch)!

But fun fact: Only one person in our family really loves eggs. Sure, I use them for baking once a week and a couple of us enjoy scrambled eggs or french toast from time to time, but the fact is, we don't go through too many (we love to give them to neighbors and friends though!).

Unlike me, my friend Jodi lives on an active farm with a large flock that they rely on for egg production. So when one of their sweet girls stopped laying, she asked if I'd take her off their hands so she wouldn't have to be useful to them in another way, if you know what I mean.

And so, this week, in the parking lot of my gym where she handed her off to me, I established the Kindness Countdown Chicken Rescue. ;)

Because chickens can be quite vicious with one another, we are still in the process of introducing her to our flock. She spends her nights in a large dog kennel separate from the other girls, and her days either in the divided run or under supervised free-range visits.

I'm happy to report that after a few rough days, today went much smoother and they're becoming more accustomed to one another.

I predict their integration will arrive soon thanks to the increased free-range time they'll be allowed compliments of our coronavirus-induced social distancing (AKA: we're all home to keep an eye on them).

She's such a sweet girl and we're thrilled to have adopted her! Welcome to the family, Blair!

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