Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Week 44: Small Town/Big Hearts

This Summer marks 13 years since my family and I moved to the small town of Cedarburg, Wisconsin.

Our city is a historic landmark, is often referred to as a "Norman Rockwell painting come to life," and is full of tourists soaking in the charm of the old buildings, gift shops, and delicious eateries every weekend of the year.

But it's during the week that Cedarburg shines for me. It's in the faces of my neighbors, the amazing care our mail carrier Darla takes when delivering our (too many) packages, and the endless smile our G-Man Michael (a real life guardian angel!) greets us with each week despite hauling away countless loads of trash compliments of the perpetual projects in our 1880s home. 

This week was all about showing some extra love to the hard working, big hearts that care for my family each day/week.

I put together some little care packages for them, including scotcheroo bars and smile cookies. 

Because I was fortunate to catch Michael during his early morning weekly round to our house, I also added in a hot cup of coffee and lots of words of appreciation. And because Darla is always speedy in her delivery and I don't always see her stop by, I left a note of gratitude to go with her sweets. 

To quote Sesame Street, "who are the people in your neighborhood" that take extra care and may be occasionally overlooked? Why not take a moment to offer them some much-deserved thanks...and maybe a cookie or lemonade on a hot day? 

PS - Can you guys believe I only have 1 week of this project left?! Time sure does fly when you're having fun!

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