Sunday, December 1, 2019

Week 15: Quarters for Kids

A childhood friend recently reminded me of a fun activity I did 5 years ago (Thanks, Chris!) when I was counting down to my 40th birthday: filling gumball/toy machines with quarters to surprise children passing by.

And so this week, my kids and I went around town filling machines with change from my piggy bank - it's actually a bank in the shape of a bear that my great aunt and uncle made for me when I was born, but "bear bank" probably wouldn't have conveyed the same message. ;)

We filled up small machines with one quarter, we filled up 50c machines with two, we even went all out and put three quarters into machines asking for 75c! 

I love picturing the faces of kids discovering the quarters as they walked by with their parents! I hope it made mom and dads' errands a bit more enjoyable having their kids excited about their free goodies! 

Next time you have a quarter or two in your wallet, slip them in a machine and make a kid's day! It's sure to put a smile on your face!

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