Sunday, December 8, 2019

Week 16: An Ornament for Oliver

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a huge animal lover.

I'm a lifelong vegetarian who has had countless pets over the years. We currently have 2 dogs, a small flock of chickens, fish, and a snail.

My kids beg weekly for a goat, rabbit (despite the fact that we've had one and discovered a few of us are allergic) and cat (also allergic)...and it hurts my heart each time I have to tell them no.

Because we're unable to add another pet to our family, I love to join in celebrating when friends add to theirs!

My best friend got a goldendoodle this summer; my kids and I showed up at her door with toys and a card that very day. When I learned a gal pal from high school became a mama to an adorable puppy she named Oliver, I couldn't wait to support her in her new role!

Some of our family's favorite ornaments are for our dogs, those we currently have and those we've loved and lost. As we unpack them each year, we talk about what we love(d) about each silly four-legged friend, exchange funny stories, and hang them in spots of honor on the tree.

And so, when I was out Christmas shopping last weekend and spotted an ornament that looked like my friend's boy, I knew I had to get it for her!

For this week's KC activity, I mailed her the ornament, a duplicate of one of my dog's favorite toys, and a handwritten note expressing my joy over the many Christmases they'll share in the coming years.

Receiving photos of her adorable dog and the ornament side-by-side and a video of Oliver playing with the toy was incredibly heartwarming! I LOVE having made her smile and been a part of making her dog happy too!

I hope they have a very Merry 1st Christmas together!

PS - These are photos of my dogs, Maude and George, and me when I was wrapping up the ornament to ship it out; for some reason they were super interested in it! Aren't they the cutest?!

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