Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Week 18: A Sweet Tradition

For the past 15+ years, I've distributed dozens of candy canes each December.

It's one of our family's favorite holiday traditions because it's a chance to slow down during the hustle and bustle and connect with people, to put smiles on faces of strangers who may seem a bit stressed trying to juggle work, party prep, financial strains, and all the emotions that come at the end of the December.

My children have taken on an increasingly larger role with this project over the years, from their tiny mittens helping to hand the candy canes out to now having a big say in where, when, and who we hand them out to. But never as big of a role as this past week.

I put this year's batch together, and as always, was too excited to wait for our plan; I took a handful with me as I left the house to run errands. And it's a good thing I did or I wouldn't have participated in the tradition at all this year...a couple of days later I became a cold and flu season statistic.

My kids stepped up in a big way, working hard not only around the house to help get ready to host Christmas and care for their ailing mother, but to hand the rest of the candy canes out. They went for a walk in town and hung the rest of the little red and white swirled staffs on cars visiting our touristy town for the Christmas celebrations we throw each weekend.

They even sent me pictures for the blog!

Hanukkah has begun, Christmas celebrations begin later today, and the New Year is just around the corner.

I hope that whatever and however you're celebrating, the lights are only dimmed by the smiles around you, the food and drinks are tasty, and your heart is full of love. Actually, I hope it's overflowing with love...so you have some to share with those all around you!

Happy Holidays!

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