Monday, January 27, 2020

Week 23: Spreading Caffeine and Good Cheer

I loved week 23's act of kindness because it was truly random and unintentional.

I arrived a bit early to a morning coffee meeting with a fellow real estate agent mid-last week and as I was waiting in line, a man walked out of the snow, approached me and asked if I'd give him a few dollars for a cup of coffee. 

"Yes, no problem," I said. 

I added his drink onto my bill and then we chatted for a few minutes while we waited for our orders to come up. He told me he was heading back to Milwaukee on the bus. 

He got quiet and eyed the floor. 

I asked if he needed a few more dollars for bus fare, which he sheepishly accepted.

And then he thanked me, we wished each other a great day, and he walked out the door towards the bus stop. 

And that was that. <3

PS - Can you believe this little project of mine is already half over?!?!

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