Sunday, April 5, 2020

Week 33: Quarantine Care Kits

Do those of you quarantined in warm places, with views of palm trees, have any idea how good you have it? There are people, like me, who were cooped up indoors for FIVE MONTHS prior to their stay at home orders...and just as the weather inched above freezing, were told to remain indoors.

If you live someplace warm, if you have a view of a mountain, a backyard pool, or sunshine out your window more often than not, take a moment to appreciate it. (:

Here in Wisconsin, the weather is *finally* cooperating. Not only did it hit 50 degrees today, but the sun was shining! It was a great day for me to don some plastic gloves and get to work on this week's Kindness Countdown activity: leaving quarantine care kits on 100 of my neighbor's front doors.

I placed an Amazon order for plastic hanging bags, individually wrapped bags of calming chamomile tea for my neighbors to enjoy today, and packets of flower seeds to look forward to planting when the temperatures rise and then created a note of encouragement.

I included where I live "in the blue house with the big gas station numbers and the Green Bay Boneyard in the front yard (see photo below) during football season" and contact info and told them not to hesitate to reach out if they need anything during this time of social distancing...and to stop by to catch up once this was all over.

It was nice to chat with a few (from a safe distance) and amazing to hear shouts of thanks from across the street as neighbors returned to their homes from walks and bike rides. We promised to take care of ourselves and to get together once this is all over.

I'm really looking forward to it!

(Here is the Green Bay Boneyard I mentioned above. I make a tombstone for each team the Packers beat each season. Go Pack Go!)

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