Monday, April 27, 2020

Week 36: BOGO Masks

For Kindness Countdown week 36, in an effort to protect my family, along with the doctors and nurses working with the COVID-19 patients in hospitals, I purchased masks from a few generous resources I'd like to bring to your attention.

I bought two denim masks from Food52 and Ft. Lonesome, who are both donating a mask to a frontline worker with each mask purchased. (I love anything denim!)

I also purchased cotton masks for everyone in my family from a local tactile crafter, annachorism (on Instagram), who is using the profits from the masks she sells to purchase materials to make masks to donate to area hospitals. All of us love the fabrics we chose, they're really comfortable, and easy to clean!

Times have changed and I don't foresee the need to sport a mask leaving us anytime soon. If you're going to purchase a few to have on hand, why not help others while purchasing quality products to keep you and your family safe?

It's a win-win!
The gorgeous mural behind me is the work of uber talented Milwaukee artist, Mauricio Ramirez, and is titled Frontline Heroes. It's located at 600 W. Lincoln Avenue. 

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