Thursday, April 16, 2020

Week 34: A Cup of Calm

It's Kindness Countdown Week 34 and Week 5 of the COVID-19 Quarantine. I am missing my people.

One of the groups I'm missing most are my gym pals. I'm not sure if it's because they were brought into my life at a significant time, if it's because they motivate me to be my best (in more areas than just physical fitness), or if it's just because they're all awesome people (actually I do's all 3!), but I find myself missing them even more than Trader Joe's, and that's saying something! 

Because my gym is located in close proximity to two hospitals, quite a few of my favorite people are healthcare professionals, many of them doctors and nurses in the emergency department. As much as I'm missing my normal life, I'm thinking they wish things could go back to pre-coronavirus a million times more. 

They're the ones taking care of those we're all avoiding with our masks and gloves (keep it up!), they're working insanely long shifts and changing clothes in their garages with the virus exposure at work in the backs of their minds when hugging family members. And you know what? I haven't heard any of them complain.

They are rock stars. 

Deservedly, this week's activity is for them. 

In an attempt to express a fraction of our gratitude, I traced my youngest and then my kids and I decorated this sign for them, packed up a few dozen bags of Bigelow chamomile tea, and shipped it all off to our nearby ER.

Please continue to keep all of them and the countless others on the front lines in your thoughts and prayers. Together-apart is the only way we'll all be able to get back the lives AND PEOPLE we're missing so much. 

Stay safe!

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